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$40 of bed pillows + tall rack of clothes:

studio test results

View is logarithmic (dB) waveform, zero crossing midline set to -60dBFS. Normalized to 0 dBFS

Small no-closet bedroom. A well-inflated balloon was popped 18″ behind the microphone before and after treatment. The reverberation of the popping sound took well over a 1/4 second to fade to -60dBFS untreated. After adding pillows and clothes reverberation time to -60dBFS (modified RT60 test with low cut) was just over 1/10 second. 

Why Does This Work So Well?

The Echo Erase setup comes from smart placement of thick sound-absorbing material. The goal is to absorb much of the sound of the voice before it can echo, and aim the cardiod pattern of the microphone at a thickly baffled space, in this case a rack of clothes with pillows on top.